Monday, July 24, 2006

Saving A Rudolph Home in Sarasota

There is a nice article about Sarasota's Martie Lieberman in the on-line Metropolis Magazine. Martie is the co-founder of Sarasota's Architectural Foundation

An enlightened real estate broker lovingly restores a Paul Rudolph house with the goal of preserving a masterpiece—and making a profit.

The Cohen House, in Sarasota, Florida, could have easily been a teardown. Designed by Paul Rudolph in 1955, the 2,300-square-foot house—sited on a double waterfront lot on the barrier island of Siesta Key—is about half the size of newer homes nearby.

This shows what can be done when an owner is enlightened andhas a sense of Sarasota's history and architectural legacy. We applaud Martiefor her endeavors.

We only wish that the Sarasota School Board had some enlightenment and a similar sense of Sarasota's architectural legacy - maybe they would not have made the decision to replace Rudolph's Riverview High School buildings with a parking lot.

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