Thursday, November 29, 2007

News About the "Save Riverview" Proposals

Four proposals were selected for review by the jury and the school board.

Local news articles about the status of saving the Riverview are in the Sarasota Herald Tribume and the Pelican Press.

A Pelican Press article about the selection process is here.

The public meeting tonight to view the selection results was well attended. Diane Lewis , architect for the chosen design, participated via telephone from New York. The proposal is exciting and was very well recieved.

More news and graphics will be posted when they are available.

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Anonymous said...

If the cost of refurbishing RHS is not greater than the cost of tearing it down and disposing it then why tear it down. There would be a beautiful building to use once finished. This town has done this too many times in the past and yet people travel to other countries to see old buildings. I read a story in the Sarasota Herald Tribune where someone is bringing a house boat to Sarasota from Fort Meyers and then making it historic! Now I ask why? RHS belongs to this town!
Alice Green Wright