Monday, June 09, 2008

Message from Carl Abbott

Dear All,

On June 17 the Sarasota County School Board is going to make a final decision about demolishing or saving the original Riverview High School.

I am asking you to join me in urging them to vote in favor of preserving and rehabilitating this world-reknonwned architectural icon which was designed by architect Paul Rudolph in 1958.

Riverview High School is listed as one of the most important endangered buildings by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, by the National American Institute of Architects, Time Magazine, numerous publications around the world, and by the World Monument Foundation. Riverview High School is an important part of Sarasota's reputation as a Cultural Center.

Presently, the original School maintenance issues are extreme - the building is structurally sound as is stated in a 2004 Report. New York architect Diane Lewis has designed a handsome rehabilitation with the Riverview Music Quadrangle that will be a multi-purpose space for the musical arts.

Saving the building will not interfere with the new Riverview High School which is now under construction. The result will be a restored architectural gem with a vibrant musical life which all the community can enjoy. Letters and e-mails from you and your friends (the more, the better) can make a significant impact. Please write before June 17.

Thank you.

For more information, please go to the website of the Sarasota Architectural Foundation:

The school board members and their contact information follow:
Dr. Kathy Kleinlein, Chair
Mrs. Caroline Zucker
Mrs. Shirley Brown
Mrs. Carol Todd
Mr. Frank Kovach

You can write all five of them in one e-mail.

Sarasota County Schools; 1960 Landings Blvd; Sarasota, FL. 34231


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