Sunday, June 14, 2009

Demolition Begins

On Saturday, June 13, 2009 the demolition of the Rudolph designed Riverview High School began.  Posted below are a few pictures.

DSC01612 (2)

DSC01614 (2)

DSC01619 (2)

DSC01620 (2)

Click here for the link to the Sarasota Herald Tribune article.


2011 grad said...

I am going to be a junior this year in the new building so I had 2 years experience in the old one. When I first went to riverview in the old building I wanted the new school to be finished so I could go there. At the beginning of last year I wish I could have finished in the old one. The new school is designed similar to a jail in that there is one door (group of doors) that everyone must pass through which will be guarded so nobody can leave, sounds good right? hey, its high school it's not a home for the mentally insane. I feel that anyone who went to riverview and looked around a bit will truly miss the building. it was pretty harsh leaving school for a summer trip and coming back to a parking lot. The people who let this happen fall into a category created by my old great uncle "mentally castrated" But it's too late now we'll just have to remember the retro charm the old building had.
- to grad RHS 2011

Anonymous said...

I am truly sad, as a student, that these bildings were destroyed as the person before me said you fell in love with those buildings after a few weeks with them.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone provide information on how I can get a print of the picture of Riverview before it was demolished?

Anonymous said...

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ben said...

very sad.

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tombogirl said...

/Users/peterlizon/Desktop/My Documents/Riverview/FL Arch. article 2009.pdf

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James said...

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