Friday, November 17, 2006

Riverview Timeline

Established by the SAVE Riverview Committee based on review of Sarasota County School District records, acessed under Florida open records law.

2002... Committee formed by Tom Sheeran, Ass’t. Superintendent. Stated opinion that build new was more cost efficient. Suggests canvassing Alumni & RHS Foundation Re: “Historic” value of buildings.

May 2002... Long Range Facilities Review report by Barger+Dean Architects, Inc. (approx. 480 +/- pages) [No record of this report was in the School Board files, the report was obtained from another source]

15 Sep 04... Letter from Stu Barger stating rehabilitation of Rudolph buildings recommended.

21 Oct 04... BMK memo documents minutes of meeting with Dr. Norris where his concept is stated as, “Riverview High School should be rebuilt as a new high school, not remodeled or renovated.”

1 Jun 05... Riverview Planning Group [School Staff] established.

25 Jul 05.... RHS Planning Group meeting outline states.”Buildings that will remain - just #28.” Building #28 is the Rudolph Building]

20 Sep 05... BMK contract date for “Riverview High School - Replacement”.

22 Sep 05... BMK memo sets 5-6 Oct 05 meeting date to set “goals” of new RHS, sets 19-20 Oct 05 meeting w/ Perkins/Will, sets 28-29 Dec 05 deadline to complete Phase 1 - Schematic Design.

19 Oct 05... BMK letter to Chuck Collins recommending demolition of RHS Re: economics.

16-17 Nov 05... Faculty, Parent, & Neighborhood meetings - all presented “new RHS facility”. Meetings described as “walk-thru” in interoffice memo. [This was described to SAVE Riverview Committee members as a "public meeting" but was in reality a walk through, show and tell event not publicized to the wider community]

12 Dec 05... BMK power point presentation w/ Rudolph buildings demolished and the new school to the west with parking where the Rudolph building were.

25 Jan 06... Historic review of Riverview by Dave Baber, BMK, and Perkins/Will scheduled. [No minutes or notes found in files.]

7 Feb 06... School Board meeting scheduled for approval of RHS schematic design.

22 Feb 06... Letter to Bob Early, Assoc. Superintendent, from Dave Baber, Sarasota County History Center, stating that “Riverview High School is an important historic resource”. “The Historic Preservation Chapter of Apoxsee states that it is the goal of Sarasota County to identify, evaluate, document, and promote the protection of its prehistoric and historic resources.”

1 Mar 06... Memo from Sarasota County Development Services to Bob Early Re: Sarasota County Code on Historic Preservation.

31 Mar 06... National Trust for Historic Preservation writes Dr. Todd to urge the school board to save Riverview and includes information on grants.

14 Apr 06... 1st meeting with Dr. Norris, Dr. Todd, and SAVE Riverview Committee.

17 Apr 06... Florida Trust for Historic Preservation writes Dr. Norris to “encourage the Sarasota County School District to reconsider their decision to demolish Riverview High School”.

28 Apr 06... 2nd meeting with Dr. Norris, Dr. Todd, Bob early, and SAVE Riverview Committee.

1 May 06... Dr. Norris directs BMK to hire Cook to do the construction cost analysis. Addendum to architectural contract for $40,000.

11 May 06... BMK letter to the Office of Education Facilities describing the project as the demolition of Riverview High School and the construction of a new school.

30 May 06... Letter from FDOE stating buildings 1-5,7-9,11,12,13-20,23-25 can be demolished. Buildings 6,10,21,27,28,30-33,50-54,56-58, & 86 to remain.

20 Jun 06... Sarasota County School Board votes unanimously on a plan that demolishes Riverview High School.

28 Jul 06... Letter from FDOE concurring with BMK that buildings 1-25, & 86 to be demolished. Building 21 remains till 2009. Buildings 27,28,30-33,50-54,56,57,58 to remain.

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