Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Last week Nepal Asatthawasi of the Paul Rudolph Foundation.

Nepal and her husband Michael were able to view many of the Rudolph and other Sarasota School of Architecture projects in Sarasota. She wrote:

We managed to see every Paul Rudolph house listed in the Modern Sarasota tour and made it to Riverview before the sun set. We interacted with some of the students, who had mixed opinions about the building and managed to get a very clear spatial sense of the institution.

As noted elsewhere in this blog and in other sources, the Riverview building has been poorly maintained as well as having had some of the important features removed over the years.

Our hope is to rehabilitate the building so it can be a true example of Rudolph's architecture for years to come, as well as serving the very important purpose of providing an excellent learning space.

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