Tuesday, December 26, 2006

County May Step In On Riverview

Another story about the possibility of Sarasota County Government reviewing the proposed demolition of the Rudolph builidngs at Riverview High School:
Preservationists who want to save Riverview High School have found a glimmer of hope in a Sarasota County government investigation into whether the county could challenge plans to demolish the 48-year-old school.

The Sarasota County School District plans to tear down parts of Riverview, including buildings designed by famed architect Paul Rudolph, and rebuild the school within four years.

But newly elected County Commissioner Joe Barbetta fears the demolition could violate the county's rules about preserving historic resources. Sarasota County staff is investigating whether the county needs to perform a historic evaluation before the three Rudolph buildings can be torn down.

Some county leaders are also concerned the school could worsen traffic in Riverview's suburban Sarasota neighborhood, a charge county staff is investigating as well. A report is expected by mid-January.

The full story, can be found in the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

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Anonymous said...

I bet nobody that wants to save Riverview High School has children that attend it! This leaking, moldy, cracked school that leaks raw sewage into childrens lockers needs to go! Come on! What are you really trying to save? This school has been reconstructed so many times it barely resembles the original. Why should Sarasota County Taxpayers continue to pay for this white elephant? Bye, bye Riverview and good riddance!