Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Follow Up On School Superintendent

A couple articles describe the turmoil surrounding the superintendent.

Today the superintendent announced he would like to stay. The SHT news item says:

Norris decides to remain as superintendent
Gary Norris announced Wednesday afternoon he will stay on as superintendent of Sarasota County schools to bring stability to the district and finish work on his reform plan.

Norris will now start negotiating a new contract with the School Board. He said he intends to remain in his position for at least seven years, until he retires.

Norris abruptly resigned in September, citing obstacles within the district to his plans for reform.

“My goal is to stop this revolving door of superintendents and return consistency and stability to the school district,” Norris said. “I am sorry for the turmoil my resignation caused these past few months but I hope the lessons learned will make us wiser.”

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