Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Community Meeting Summary

Thank you who were able to attend the Community Meeting on May 11. We have been challenged to show community support and this was an important step.

One of the actions that was suggested was that each of us should consider calling School Board members and County Commissioners and tell them of our own interest in finding a way to save the Rudolph building on the Riverview Campus. A small group was formed that will put together some talking points aimed at helping with this. This information will be sent soon.

The meeting covered:
  • what has been done so far - a "task force" has been organized to look at what can be done.
  • Task force members have talked with each School Board member individually to find out what could be done and to get insight on how to do this. Members have also talked with Dr Norris and Dr Todd (Board Chair) twice.
  • The working concept is that the important issues are the history of this building and its place within Sarasota's history, the needs of the school children and the cost of rehabilitation.
  • A dedicated web site for "SAVE Riverview" is being set up. One purpose of this web site would be to solicit support (via petition) from a wider audience.
  • The History Center has prepared a "cover nomination" for the Sarasota School of Architecture movement. This would allow individual buildings or groups of buildings typical of this style to be recognized for their significance.
  • The basic structure appears to be sound, although maintenance has been neglected over the years.
  • Petitions were available for attendees to take with them. Please return signed petitions to James Bowen (Bowen Architecture, 513 Central Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236).
Other comments during the meeting were:
  • "Recycling" our buildings is the greatest example of sustainablity.
  • "Ringling to Rudolph" is the theme of the Florida Trust state meeting to be held in Sarasota in May 2007
  • It is not OK to tear down buildings. There is value here. This expresses our identity.
  • This is a great community asset - important to save it.
  • We are known as the "Cultural Coast", why would we allow this important building to be demolished?
  • The soul of a city is built of layers....layers of history. This is a cultural asset.
  • This is the first High School in the "county", Sarasota High was always considered the "City High School".

We will be forwarding more information when we have it.

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