Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Statement from Carl Abbott FAIA on Riverview High School designed by Paul Rudolph

Presently, Riverview High School is in very poor condition. However, the original Rudolph buildings are structurally sound and can be restored to meet current school standards at a cost less than that of new construction. With Historic Designation, the buildings are not required to meet all current codes and they can be restored using State Funds, as was done by the City with our local Federal Building and Municipal Auditorium.

In 2002, BMK Architects carried out a “Long-Range Facilities Review” (app. 500 pages). In September 2004, a Memorandum to Superintendent Dr. Norris, from BMK Architects over viewing this extensive report on Riverview High School stated “plan on replacing all existing buildings on campus…with the exception of the original Rudolph buildings, which should be rehabilitated”.

Riverview High School designed by architect Paul Rudolph is an important part of Sarasota’s built history and a significant part of the Architectural Legacy of America.

Carl Abbott

[Click here to access a printable petition and directions for returning it to help SAVE Riverview]

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