Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dr. Jean Marani Remembers Riverview

I am writing because I have become aware of the school board's intent to abolish the school and build a new one. Distressing news.

Riverview is a unique and beautiful school with great historic significance for its architecture and the fact that it was the first new high school built in the county probably since Sarasota High. At the time there was great rejoicing that Sarasota had grown to need another high school!

You may remember I came to Riverview with Ed Brown, the first principal when it opened. I was the curriculum director and taught history as well.

My classroom faced the courtyard--a magnificent view. We all loved the openness reflecting the attitude of the faculty that learning was an opening experience. Our students loved the building for that reason and because it was forward looking.

Paul Rudolph, the architect, was quite famous, taught at Yale. I think he came to the dedication along with Governor Leroy Collins. We always had visitors coming to view the building and especially to note the influence of its design on the students' learning.

Sarasota has always been noted for its devotion to the arts and its forwardness. To lose a landmark such as Riverview would be a blight on the city's reputation. Let me know how I can help.

Jean V. Marani, Ph.D.


Linda Newton Jackson said...

Dr. Marani - thank you for still being part of Riverview! It was good to "connect" with you again after all these years. Your enthusiasm for learning and for America have been a great influence in my life. Fondly, Linda Newton, Class of 1963

Rod said...

Dr. Marani,
Thanks for your input on saving Riverview. You are remembered fondly by your students.
Rod Kent, Class of '61

Julie Stein Long said...

Dr. Marani,
Ditto, I thank you for your (as always!) insightful thoughts, as well as memories of Riverview, and insistence not to destroy this unique architecture.
I totally agree with you! Let's not demolish another link to the magical creativity that was once Sarasota.
Julie Stein Long, RHS '64

Ken said...

Dr. Marani,
My visits back to Sarasota have always included a drive by Riverview to admire the architecture the remember you and the other teachers that influenced my life. I hope you can feel the love that flows your way from the memories of your students. Thankyou.

Ken Slater
Gainesville, Fl
RHS '66