Monday, May 15, 2006

Petition to SAVE Riverview

This SAVE Riverview petition can be printed, signed by people and then returned to James Bowen at:

Bowen Architecture, 513 Central Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236-4965

The petition can be downloaded here.

The petition could also be scanned and e-mailed to James Bowen at

Take the time to print it, sign it, have your colleagues sign it, then return it to James. Your support will help save this building.



Anonymous said...

The links are broken. Can you fix the links so we can download the petition. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I bet nobody that wants to save Riverview High School has children that attend it! This leaking, moldy, cracked school that leaks raw sewage into childrens lockers needs to go! Come on! What are you really trying to save? This school has been reconstructed so many times it barely resembles the original. Why should Sarasota County Taxpayers continue to pay for this white elephant? Bye, bye Riverview and good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Please make the links work so that we can download the petition!

Anonymous said...

You can't download the petition...

A Riverview Student said...

When the safety of the student population is in jeopardy, it questions who is worth more a moldy buiding or its students? Have you ever felt Riverview tremble at the hands of a storm or come to the realization of how easy it would be for a gunman to take our lifes because of your precious building? We spend 1260 hours a year there there while most of you spend none. What will it take to bring you to your senses?

Another Riverview Student said...

Would you build a multi-million dollar mansion behind a run-down shack?

The Riverview High School campus needs to go.

Go there, if you do not believe me. Step inside my old classroom that smells because the teacher thinks a rat died in the ceiling. Bend down and smell the dripping lockers. Look up at the revolting ceiling of the band room. Touch the filthy cracked floors.

Then, after you have spent four years of your life on its campus, and still believe it should be saved, sign the petition.

class of 2011 student said...

as a riverview student I find the old buildings interesting but all of the essential technology added as an afterthought has just been hung up along the walls i.e. the air conditioning system. this chiller typed refrigeration system is not insulated correctly and gets covered in condensation. this in turn creates mold. btw there isn't enough bathrooms!!! and i have personally seen rats, yikes
its a very historical building that i would rather have remodeled but the school board put it off and it got out of hand. keeping the building wouldn't be a very economical descision